Frontend Website and Backend Tools

Tradesperson Tools

Frontend Backend
Complete Bundle Under $1000!


Laravel Starting Point.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar API

Pages and Blog

Frontend page editor and blog editor

Task Management

Write and manage simple tasks. Optional task management with Trello or Asana API.

User Control

Create and manage users.


Dropbox API

Google Signin

Access your Google email and other apps.

Google My Business

Access your Google Business Account.


Custom Job Searches.


What We Offer You


Looks great on any screen size!


Ready for Bootstrap 4.


Quick loading Use Bootstrap4!


Item is supported.


Laravel Starting Point.

JS Frameworks

Simple routing pages for SPA, VueJS and AngularJS development.

Responsive Design

Built with Laravel 7 and Bootstrap4 will ensure the admin panel and pages will be modern for years to come.

Bells and Whistles

Comes with Fullcalendar, datatables, task management, blog, accounting tools, simple page control, charts, buttons and much, much more.


Custom APIs and features can be added as requested.


How It Began

  • 2019

    The Beginning

    We tried various admin panels for Laravel with a blog. After closely following all steps and documentation, things never worked like the demo. It took days to build a useful admin panel. Thus, we wanted a new Laravel admin panel with a blog and views that worked as Single Page Applications with VueJS and AngularJS. Hence, we offer Fstack Admin.

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