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Laravel admin panel with blog and boilerplates for both VueJS and AngularJS. The blog extends beyond most other Laravel blogs which often do not have subcategories. Fullstack Admin uses ajax which fetches subcategories if they are used.

It is built with Laravel 5.8 and Bootstrap4 and includes easy usage with Fullcalendar, Datatables and Charts.

Could easily be used as a CMS that is easy to extend for the building of anything imaginable.

Installation is the same as most other Laravel installations.


                  Step One
                  Unzip file and move to desired dev or production server.

                  Step Two
                  Add required modules and dependencies from command line in root folder:

                  $ npm install

                  $ composer update

                  Step Three
                  Alter the .env file located in the root folder. Set the database, database username, database password and app url. The parameters to change are



                  Step Four
                  Run migrations and populate database

                  php artisan migrate
                  php artisan db:seed
                  Select 'Yes'. if necessary

                  Step Five
                  Make sure storage folder is writable
                  chmod -R 777 storage
                  php artisan db:seed

                  That's it


Learn how to use Tradesperson Tools.

Options Value Default
Users Navigate to mysite/admin Login with
password: test
Google Calendar Integration Open Google Calendar All your Google Calendar activities will be visible
Dropbox Select 'Dropbox >Choose From Dropbox' Send File To Dropbox
Tasks Select Tasks >Quick Tasks or Tasks >Trello Add, edit and Delete Tasks

Anything Missing? We can quickly add custom features that are currentky unavailable.


Blog comes fully featured with the options to create, edit and delete blogs.

Asides from blogs, you have the options to create, edit and delete both categories and subcategories.

Blogging is a 'goto' method for gaining more traffic for various reasons such as; Google likes fresh content, pages will pickup in serach engines and your quality score can go up.


Select page

Edit text and images.


'Tradesperson Tools' goes back a long time. Having built sites for many tradespersons over the years and having worked in the trades, it just seemed people were best off with a top quality way to load pages, an easy way to build the site and an easy way to extend if need be.

Tradeperson Tools was built with the Laravel Framework which makes it better performing than an app like Wordpress. In fact, having built many sites with Wordpress was one of the reasons for putting in the time to make something that would build better sites faster. Doesn't that just seem right?

So, let me start by saying how some Wordpress trades sites have gone. You install Wordpress and add a theme, plugins, etc. Then, the slow backend and bloated frontend take over. As time goes on, the hackers seem to just find a way to exploit them to some degree. Yes, they can be hardened, etc, but the maintenance just sucks. It is like running an extension cord through a home compared to an electrician wiring a proper line from the panel, or like a plumber using a monkey wrench when a pipe wrench is the right tool for the particular job.