New bathtubs can go real quick, or could be held up if the floor is not perfectly level. Anyways, once a team positions the tub in place and has it sitting perfectly level,  we can install the drainage. The drain parts will exist on the tub floor and overflow.

Staring with the drain, we can apply a bead of silicon around the underside, trying to be careful not to drip any around the threads. After that, we can use a drain wrench to secure the bottom drain, ensuring it points directly inline with the top drain. We can dry fit a 1" piece of abs to ensure we have a good line.

Then, the top overflow is assembled. We apply silicon to the backside of the rubber gasket and secure it in place. It becomes obvious which rotation is the last one.

Now, we simply connect the drain to the overflow, which flows downwards to a trap under the tub.