HRV stands for Heat Recovery Ventilators. For the fresh air enthusiast and modern times, these units keep a hone full of fresh air.

To install an HRV system, we hang it to the best ceiling studs we can find. Then, we add any reducers that are required.

Finally, we make 4 connections; fresh air out, fresh air in, old air out and old air in. If that sounds confusing, this won't.

Fresh air in brings new, fresh air from outside via insulated ducting.

Fresh air out passes the fresh air we took and runs it through the house. This connection uses uninsulated duct hose

Old air out removes the old air passed through the house and sends it outside through insulated ducting. All air coming or going outside uses insulated ducting.

Old air in takes the old air from the house and passes it to the HRV unit.